Luther Memorial Academy

Luther Memorial Academy’s mission is to have our children grow:

In wisdom (academically)

In stature (physically)

In favor with God (spiritually)

In favor with man (socially)

to ensure they become a positive asset to our community and to themselves.

Luther Memorial Academy offers a superior academic education where students are surrounded by a Christian atmosphere. We encourage a child’s special interests and abilities and provide a courteous and respectful environment.

We offer a music, art, physical education, health, guidance, and library class once a week for all grades. We offer a foreign language once a week to grades K- 5 and everyday to grades 7 and 8. In 6th grade the foreign language is replaced by an important study skills class which provides them with the tools they need to excel as a middle school and, eventually high school, student. Chapel is also attended by all grades once a week. Grades 4-8 may participate in our school choir which sings during the Chapel service.

Our school day begins at 8:30am and runs until 2:25pm. We offer a Before School Program that begins at 7:30am and an After School Program that ends at 5:00pm. Charges do apply.

We encourage you to call our office and set up a personal tour of our school. Shadow days are also welcome if you would like your child to get a feel for our typical school day and meet their future classmates!

Call Luther Memorial Academy at 814-454-0106 and set up your tour today!